Company History

Petron Plus™ Global, Inc.
PPX®, Inc.  


Petron PlusTM Formula 7 product’s, are an innovation in specialty chemicals and lubricants.  The original product was formulated in 1978.  The first years of the company's existence was spent on conducting extensive research and product development, market testing and pursuing patent protection.  In 1985 a U.S.  Patent for Petron PlusTM Formula 7 products and the technological manufacturing process.  Today that same technology and some improvements to the original technology, plus many newly formulated products have evolved into over 450 products.


Early sales for Petron PlusTM Formula 7 products were mainly to aftermarket auto parts stores, primarily because of a limited product line available at that time.  The company however, recognized that the technology they had developed was applicable to any machinery that used lubrication.  As the company grew they poured their resources into research and development of products that could be used in industrial applications.


This strategy proved successful from the outset.  Sales accelerated rapidly because the industrial market immediately recognized the need for Petron Plus's extreme pressure properties, anti-rust, anti-oxidation benefits in an environmentally safe configuration.


Petron PlusTM Formula 7 products are routinely tested at an internationally recognized independent laboratory in San Antonio, Texas and have been carefully and extensively field-tested.  The results clearly demonstrate Petron PlusTM Formula 7 products to be far superior in extreme pressure properties and anti-friction capabilities to any known petroleum or synthetic product, with no evident negative side effects.


We at Petron PlusTM LPW, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the superior lubrication technology that the Petron PlusTM Formula 7 Products offers.  We hope that this information will be helpful to you.